HES History

Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild Holiday Exhibition & Sale


1990 - The Marketing Study Group was formed when Ann Edwards and Paula McFarling asked for support from the Guild membership to sponsor a retail sale of member's work. Twelve Guild members joined Ann and Paula, who co-chaired the first sale.  They were: Jane Accurso, Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Helen Carter, Katy Howland, Paula McFarling, Barbara Overby, Amy Preckshot, Debbie Schluckebier, Jenny Sennott, Vicki Smith, Mary Jane Thorne, Ruth Walker, and Jean Williams.

1991-1996 - Paula McFarling assumed the responsibility for chairing the Marketing Study Group for the next six years.  Paula spent countless hours organizing, setting goals, establishing guidelines, and motivating guild members to participate in this Guild activity.  Paula’s vision was to encourage Guild members to spend more time at their craft, to develop high standards, to support each other, and to share their craft with the community.

2000 - Our study group changed its name to the Holiday Exhibition & Sale Study Group.  The name change was necessary due to the Guild’s new 501C-3 tax status.

2003-2004 - Jim Thorne developed a computer system for tracking participants’ inventories and sales numbers.  The computer program was first used in 2003. The use of bar codes began in 2004.  This innovation greatly improved bookkeeping.  Thank you Jim!

2005 - Ann McGinity worked with our bank to allow us to accept credit cards. The use of the bank’s electronic charge machine shortened the line at the cashier’s table and helped with the bookkeeping.

2007 - Policies were adopted requiring that Sale participants be active, participating members of the Guild for a full year before participating in the Holiday Exhibition & Sale.

2008 - A Steering Committee was formed to guide the group rather than having one coordinator.  Specific areas of responsibility were given to each Committee Chair and participants and volunteers worked on one or several committees.


Paula McFarling and Ann Edwards
1991-1996 Paula McFarling
1997-1998 Jenny Chicone
Amy Preckshot
2000 Ruth Walker
2001-2002 Mary Jane Thorne
2003-2007 Ann McGinity