The purpose of the Verna Wulfekammer Memorial Trust is to support fiber related educational activities for the benefit of members of the Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild and other fiber artists. The trust is administered as equitably as possible to all members of the Guild toward the goal of developing their talents as artists. The trust supports requests from individuals and groups. Group requests must be for a purpose that will promote the appreciation of fiber arts or further the fiber arts education of the groups’ members by providing funding for workshops, library materials, equipment purchases or other means that will enable the group to further their goals as fiber artists. Individuals may apply to the Trust for an individual grant to participate in a Trust funded group request activity (i.e. a Trust funded workshop). 

Current Guild officers and Trustees are not eligible for individual grants during their tenure. Trust funds may not be used for any political purposes. The trustees are not compensated for their work in administering the trust. 

Grant applications must be received by February 21, May 21, August 21, or November 21. Applicants must make three copies of their request and send one copy to each Trustee in order to complete the application process. Only official forms may be used. Trust application forms can be found in the Guild library, which is open daily from 9 am to 9 p.m. and is located at Access Arts, 1724 McAlester. Applicants are notified of the Trustees’ recommendations by the 15 day of the month following the deadline. 


Individual applications to the Trust are reviewed on how well the applications meet the following criteria:
  1. Suitability of the request - The request must be for a purpose that will further the individual’s goal of developing their talents as a fiber artist.
  2. Guild membership status - The request will be judged on the applicant’s level of participation as a member of Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild.
  3. Goal of the request - The applicant must state how they hope to benefit from this activity and how they plan to share this experience with the guild membership.
  4. Availability of funds - Applications can be approved if adequate funds are available.
Grantee requirements: In order for the Trust to meet the IRS requirements for a Private Foundation, the following reports need to be filed with the Corespondent trustee:
  1. Financial Report - Grantees are required by the trust to file a financial report within one month of the conclusion of the activity. This report should document the expenditures of the grantee, including specified receipts, and state the benefits obtained as a result of receiving this grant.
  2. Final Report - Within one year of the activity the grantee is required to file a final report. This report should describe how the grantee shared their increased knowledge with the Guild membership, as a result of this activity.
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